Power to the People
Pouvoir au Peuple
Cameroon/ Cameroun

Social Democratic Front

Front Social Démocratique /

SDF Objectives

The objectives of the Social Democratic Front shall be: 

1: To mobilize, rally and galvanize Cameroonians into a united force for: 

a. The establishment of a just, free and democratic society where: 

i. The elderly and the disabled, the retired and the unemployed can live in dignity and security; 

ii. All workers, farmers, mechanics, labourers and students are guaranteed the right to form unions with the view to collectively bargain for decent working conditions and wages; 

iii. No one is denied the opportunity to a meaningful and decent life; 

iv. Sound education, proper nutrition, quality medical care, affordable housing and nation-wide communication facilities are open to every citizen; 

v. All people can find jobs;

b) The suppression of all forms of oppression and repression with a view to promoting the economic, social, cultural and linguistic development of the fatherland, the rule of law and the preservation of all fundamental freedoms, rights and liberties of the citizens; 

3.2: The Social Democratic Front shall also pursue a policy of winning power through elections, make good government, build and protect the nation, encourage commerce, promote equal opportunity, advance science, technology and industry, support the arts and humanities, develop and conserve our human and natural resources, environment and relieve poverty; 

3.3: The promotion of International Peace and Co-operation in accordance with the A.U and U.N.O Charters; 

3.4: For the attainment of these objectives; the Social Democratic Front shall adopt a policy of Social democracy and participatory government

3.5 The protection and promotion of the bilingual character of Cameroon.